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White Leather Aviator Sunglasses by Veronique Branquinho

mens sunglasses: veronique branquinho white leather aviator sunglasses

You have always thought leather uphostery in a car feels great.  A sofa made from soft glove leather feels tremendous.  Your old weather worn leather jacket is without a doubt the most comfortable jacket you own.  Finally someone has made a pair of sunglasses with leather.

Veronique Branquinho has created a beautiful pair of aviator glasses with white leather covering the frame.  Instead of cheap plastic making your temples sweat you will feel the comfort of soft leather.  These aviator glasses sport the traditional mirror lens.

The Veronique Branquinho sunglasses come in a couple other styles, also.  There are leather wrapped aviators in both brown and black with tinted lenses.  The white leather aviator sunglasses are becoming much harder to find, but may be available through either Oak NYC or ASOS.  Reportedly these glasses retail for around $318.The other versions of the glasses, the brown and black, run at about $120 through ASOS.