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Zeus All-In-One 3D Printer, Scanner, and Copier

You keep hearing about 3D printers and wonder why you should be interested. How do they apply to  your life? Zeus may have the answer. Imagine being able to take your favorite glass, put it in the Zeus, hit copy, and a little later you

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NASA Uses 3D Printer to Produce Rocket Parts

Designing and testing rocket designs is incredibly expensive, but that is starting to change. NASA in partnership with Aerojet Rocketdyne, have created a 3D printing system that produces parts from metal. The parts can be printed using standard 3D geometry and are strong enough to

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ProDesk3D 3D Desktop Color Printer by BotObjects

Let us start off by saying this is not a printer you are going to throw on your desktop and just start playing with. This incredible creation is about to redefine what is possible for inventors, engineers, and craftsmen with real technical skills. Imagine having