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1001 The Hookah Reborn

The Hookah is one of the oldest and most elegant smoking devices in the world, but even old designs can get better. 1001 has engineered a modern hookah using the newest technologies for a better smoking experience. The 1001 is built from anodized aluminium, polished

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Stunning 3D Printed Guitars

It is ODD that has taken 3D printing and given it a voice, a very powerful voice ready to rock ‘n roll the world. Olaf Diegal, a professor of Mechatronics in New Zealand at the Massey University of Engineering, uses 3D printing technology and his

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Sam Abbott Designs and Creates 3D Printed Skateboard

In a weird twist of fate, the amazing designer and artist Sam Abbott, became the first person the design and create a 3D-printed twin tip skateboard that is fully functional. What is the weird twist of fate? Sam entered a design contest sponsored by 3D

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3Doodler 3D Printing Pen

Imagine doodling in the air, but this time it becomes real. We have all used our finger to paint a picture in the air. Most of us doodle at least a little on paper. None of us has doodled in the air and watched our

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3D Printed Objects Made Out of Sugar

3D printing may be redefining manufacturing, innovation, and design, but what does it have to do with our sweet tooth? Take a journey into the wild world of the Sugar Labs and find out just how “sweet” 3D printing has become. Instead of printing with

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3D Printed Skull iPhone 5 Case

To think that only a few years ago your computer printer could only print in black and white. Now, with the latest 3D printing technology that is making headlines everywhere, artist Hugo Arcier, inspired by his Degeneration series, has created an incredibly grungy looking iPhone