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Wake Up Refreshed and Happy with Philips Wake-Up Light

The Philips Wake-Up Light does not eliminate the need for an alarm clock, but it does dramatically change the experience. You set the light to gradually increase in light prior to your alarm sounding. The increasing light triggers your senses into signaling your body it

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Wake Up Vibration Alarm Clock Pillow

Cool gadgets are not always cell phones, computers, and games, sometimes they come in the form of a simple bed pillow. This very inspired pillow is the creation of Seung-Jun-Jeong and takes away all the worries of waking up in the morning, or bothering other

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Clap Alarm Clock – Not What You Expect

You may have seen an alarm clock in the past that would shut off if your clapped but what about a clock which completely disappeared? The Clap Alarm Clock for most of the day and night looks like a simple block of wood sitting on

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Bang & Olufsen BeoTime

Meet your bedroom’s best friend – The BeoTime alarm clock. Most people need to get up in the morning and get ready to tackle the day, but BeoTime makes sure that your wake up ritual becomes an amazing experience. Your basic alarm clock has been

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Bandai Gun Oclock Alarm Clock

The hardest thing to do is wake up in the morning. If you are like me and are not a morning person, when your alarm rings you just press the snooze button. What if you couldn’t press the snooze button and the only way to