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Geometrical Infinity Aquarium

Infinity Aquariums are well known for their amazing aquarium designs. They build aquarium in tables, bars, walls, and other unusual places, but this Geometrical Infinity Aquarium may be the most unique. The aquarium defies all normal shapes associated to an aquarium. You will be amazed

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Coffee Table Aquarium

Do you claim you don’t have room for an aquarium in your home or apartment? Throw away your old coffee table or ottoman and make room for the Coffee Table Aquarium from ZooStores. The Coffee Table Aquarium has a real aquarium built right into the

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Aquavista Panorama Wall Aquarium

After you hang your Aquavista Panorama Wall Aquarium you are going to have the opportunity to get some serious laughs.  Watch as your friends come in and are convinced you bought a large Plasma TV and are running some kind of aquarium video.  These ultra-cool

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AquaDom in Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin

I use to have a few fish when I was a young fellow but my fish bowl really got nothing on this AquaDom in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin. Not only is this giant fish tank impressively huge but it also brings so much