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Whether its for a day trip or a nice long weekend campaign, living out of a space-limited bag can be very frustrating. Organizing yourself with SegSac keeps all your important gear in check. Made from 30D ultra-light nylon, the SegSac ways almost nothing, is water resistant

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Balenciaga Phileas Backpack

Who could have needed a rugged backpack more than Phileas Fogg from Jules Verne’s “Around the World in Eighty Days”? This beautiful, but understated, leather backpack from Balenciaga is named after that epic world racer, Phileas Fogg. The backpack is 100% black leather with almost

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Tessel Jet Pack Backpack

When is a Jet Pack not a jet pack? When it is the Tessel Jet Pack, but it is still one of the coolest backpacks you can find. Now this could lead to a little confusion. Why is the Tessel back pack a Jet Pack?

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Roll Top Backpack by Blue Lounge

Something we always hate about backpack laptop bags is the gaps. Too many bags leave tiny gaps at the folds that allow debris or rain to drip in on top of the laptop or other gear. The Roll Top Backpack created by Blue Lounge takes

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Batman Backpack

Do you want your kid to the toughest boy at school? Do you want to be the wildest executive on the elevator? Are you a Batman addict? The Batman Backpack from UD Replicas is not one of those silly backpacks covered in cartoon characters. This

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Solid Gray Speaker Backpack

Solid Gray took a very different direction in building their latest lineup of backpacks. They used insects to inspire their shape, material choices, and style. Their case looks abnormal. It is created from a series of slightly overlapping plates that provide amazing strength and durability.

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Crumpler Nhill Heist Backpack

Bicycle backpacks are often ridiculous. You load them up with all your necessities for the office and by the time you arrive your clothes are crumpled, the backpack is swinging everywhere, and you have big sweat marks from the bag. The Crumpler Nhill Heist Backpack

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Solid Gray Backpack

Straight out of a futuristic movie, Solid Gray takes a spin at your typical backpack and turns it into a Solid Gray Backpack. Useful? – Maybe, Cool? – Hell Yeah! These unique backpacks feature a folding hardshell-like design, EPDM foam lining, straps to securely store