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Batman Backpack

Do you want your kid to the toughest boy at school? Do you want to be the wildest executive on the elevator? Are you a Batman addict? The Batman Backpack from UD Replicas is not one of those silly backpacks covered in cartoon characters. This

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Batman Bat Symbol Coffee Table

Holy coffee stains, Batman, they spilled coffee on the Bat Symbol. The craftsmen at the Bohemian Workshop have created an amazing series of coffee tables highlighting the Bat Symbol. The featured table is made from walnut and uses curved walnut legs to support the beautiful

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The Art and Making of the Dark Knight Trilogy

The magic we experienced in the Dark Knight movies is just the tip of the iceberg. The real action is what happens behind the scenes as actors, writers, producers, directors, and artists take a complex exciting three part story and turn it into an unforgettable

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The Dark Knight Manual

Do you believe you are a Batman The Dark Knight expert? Prepare to be shocked with all of the things you do not know. The Dark Knight Manual by Brandon T. Snider will let you become the true expert concerning the Dark Knight’s deepest secrets

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Dia De Los McMuertos iPhone 4 Decals

Do you have all the greatest gag apps on your iPhone 4?  Maybe it is time to turn your iPhone 4 into a real clown with the Dia De Los McMuertos iPhone 4 Decals.  This latest decal from De Los is an awesome looking rendition

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The Bat Mirror

This huge neo-rococo mirror is carefully hand-molded from plaster and painted black. If you look carefully or just for more than a second I am sure you can’t help but notice the Batman symbol right in front of your eyes. You can pick up this