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eCool Beer Cooler Keeps Your Drinks Cool Underground

Who would dare drink cold beer? If you like to keep your beers at the perfect temperature this awesome eCool Beer Cooler might just do the trick. Unlike your typical beer cooler, it does not use any ice, electricity, but rather relies on an older

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Chill Puck Keeps Your Beverage Colder Longer

Chill out! Your beer is still cold thanks to your new Chill Puck. Do you hate picking up your beer in the summer and discovering it is hot and tastes a little disgusting? That is the same thought Curt Peters had, but he decided to

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Super Jam Boom Box Cooler iPhone Ready

Are you ready to jam while you slurp down your favorite cold beverage?  The days of the boombox may be over having been replaced by the iPod, iPhone, and other MP3 players.  This interesting combination of music and mayhem it the perfect way to resurrect