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uKeg Pressurized Portable Growler

There is nothing like going to a beer release and lugging a growler with you. But honestly, nothing beat a freshly brewed beer and you too, can have that very same experience with the uKeg portable pressurized growler. With this growler, your beer stays fresh,

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Beer So Smart it Has Brains Brewed Right In, Real Brains

Ever worried a Zombie would eat  your brains out if you were too drunk to run away? Ok, maybe you only thought that after that one too many beers. The Dock Street Brewing Company in West Philly has got your back, or should I say

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How Bros Drink Alone Vs. How Girls Drink Alone

The great folks from BroBible have created a must-watch video depicting the difference between guys and girls drinking alone. Though drinking alone isn’t all that glorious this video is a worth-while watch. Watch this hilarious video¬†below.

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Snake Venom, The World’s Strongest Beer from Brewmeister

WARNING, just reading about this beer could leave you feeling woozy, tipsy, or drunk. Yes, Snake Venom beer is almost that strong. Normal strong beers tout their power at less than 10% ABV, but Snake Venom Beer from Brewmeister has shattered the world record with

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Kentucky Ryed Chiquen Beer

What is anything that is not chicken? Is it brave? Is it powerful? No, it is Chiquen, at least in the books of the Against the Grain Brewery. Kentucky Ryed Chiquen Beer is an intriguing blend of rye malt and caramel rye snuck out of

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Ippon Matsu Beer

Ippon Matsu beer is a handcrafted beer that is brewed in Brooklyn by designer Kota Kobayashi. The best thing about the Ippon Matsu Beer is that it supports a great cause. “Ippon Matsu” which means “One Pine Tree” is conceptualized from the once standing 70,000

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Garden Gnome Brewskies

Beer taste so much better when the bottles have garden gnomes on them, I can assure you! Ryanna Christianson designed these clever looking bottles with love and affection. Norsk Ol is a six pack alcoholic beverage. Based on research of Norwegian traditions and folklore, the