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Modern Concrete Bookends

Finally we have a manufacturer stepping up to the plate to provide men with what they really want and need, Concrete Bookends. We have to admit, there is nothing fancy, nothing artistic, nothing special about concrete bookends. They are just awesome. They exhibit all the

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Vise Bookends

Are you ready to squeeze every bit of knowledge out of your favorite books? Then just put them in between these vise bookends and crank up the pressure. These awesome bookends are created out of real iron bench vises. Their heavy weight makes them highly

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Knowledge in the Brain Bookends

You have always been taught to put knowledge in your head requires intense reading, study, research, and practice. Not anymore. Now you can pack Knowledge in the Brain the easy way, just buy these exciting bookends from Karim Rashid. The  bookends look like a geometrical

shower scene bookends

Shower Scene Bookends

The folks at Knob Creek Metal Arts have done it again this time, with their latest Shower Scene Bookends ($50 USD). I think we can all relate to those typical horror movie shower scenes, where a gorgeous girl jumps into a shower while she is

tentacle attack pirate ship bookends

Tentacle Pirate Ship Attack Bookends

As we continue our quest for the coolest looking bookends, we have come across yet another head turning design from the folks at Knob Creek Metal Arts. Knob’s focus on detail while providing a quality metal product is just incredible. Their latest Tentacle Pirate Ship

portal bookends

Portal Bookends

We love our bookends and the Portal Bookends ($30 USD) just look so nice on any office desk. The Portal Bookends features a test subject running through a portal. The left bookend features half of a test subject going through an orange portal, while the

zombie bookends

Zombie Bookends

Just when we thought the shark bookends was cool, this came along. For all you Walking Dead, zombie apocalypse fans, this one’s for you! Made from solid steel, these Zombie Bookends ($40 USD) are heavy enough to hold up your reading collection while still being a unique piece to

superman and batman bookends

Superman and Batman Book Ends

The battle against evil unruly books is on with Superman and Batman leading the charge.  These ultra-cool bookends will take care of the dastardly mess created by your comic books, DVD’s, and magazines.  Those unruly mess makers are no match for the  super friends of