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Magnetic Configurable Bookshelves by Antonella Diluca

You say bookshelves are boring? Do not let Antonella Diluca hear you say that. She is likely to show you a hundred different ways to shatter your belief that bookshelves are boring with the Citybook and Citybook W shelving systems. Imagine the flexibility of changing

deadgood bookshelf max lamb

Deadgood Bookshelf by Max Lamb

Sometimes a designer does something so incredibly simple we stand back and just stare. Max Lamb has captured that exact feel with the Deadgood Bookshelf. When you first see the simple creation you’ll just look at it and wonder why you did not think of

united states bookshelf

United States Bookshelf

The United States Bookshelf could be a fun addition to the home of any true patriot or book lover. This is not a tiny bookshelf. The creation is 225″ across, 135″ tall, and nearly 16″ deep. Do not plan on mounting this on a wall which

home furniture dream book shelf

Dream Book Shelf

You see thought bubbles all of the time in comics in the newspaper and occasionally on television, but how often have you seen one in your own home? The Dream Book Shelf takes your collection of books, magazines, and even a few pictures and displays

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An Amazing Disaster Bookshelf by Victor Barish

Sometimes a designer manages to catch your eyes with something totally unexpected.  We all know bookshelves are square, precise, and level. Not in the mind of Victor Barish.  Victor took the common bookshelf and a vision of disaster and created magic. The Disaster Bookshelf started

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The Scroll Bookshelf

Everyone has books lying around their house and sometimes we just don’t know how to properly stack them up. Designers, Xin-Hung Lin, Pei-Yi Chiu, Chia-Rung Shu, and Wung-Bing Lin have come together to bring us The Scroll Bookshelf. This is one of the most basic