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Chinon Bellami HD-1

The Chinon Bellami HD-1 camera may be the most retro looking digital movie camera to hit the market this year. The camera is a throw back to the old 8 mm movie cameras that made a big impact  on the world during the last 60’s

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Superheadz Clap Camera

What happens when your memory card reader and a mini-camera come together – a Superheadz Clap Camera ofcourse! The Superheadz Clap Camera ($50) is a minuscule, pocket-sized camera that shoots two-megapixel photos or 720×480 movies, which it then sotres on a MicroSD card that you

polaroid vintage supercolor esprit camera

Polaroid Supercolor Espirit Cool on the Comeback

This camera is a real throw back to the days of totally cool instant photographs.  You would snap the picture an in just moments have a real photograph developing right in front of your eyes.  This pink and gray camera with light blue highlights was

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Sony Alpha NEX-C3

Sony officially unveils their latest creation in APS-C camera, the Alpha NEX-C3. This impressive camera features a 16.2 MP sensor, a smaller body than its big brother the NEX-5 and a 3 inch LCD screen. This camera is not only an incredible device but also

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Delicious Chocolate Camera

This Chocolate Camera is really satisfying. Your sweet ass camera’s may be awesome but this cute little keychain chocolate camera from Fuuvi Japan is just delicious. Don’t be confused with a “real” camera this miniature piece of work is equipped with a 0.3 megapixel CMOS