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Solo Shelter – Going It Alone in the Wilderness or the Backyard

Going on a camping trip, backpacking excursion, or other outing by yourself requires outfitting a little differently than a family outing. You want shelter that is lightweight, efficient, warm, and keeps you dry. The Solo Shelter is a strange looking shelter for one, but has

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Alite Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag

Alite Designs is not apologizing. Actually, Alite is proud of creating the finest sleeping bag available for some intimate moments while you are out camping. To be more precise, using Alite Design’s own words, “Well…actually…it was designed for you to have sex in while camping

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Camping, climbing, and backyard adventures sometimes require getting gear off the ground and getting control of loose items. Looprope is a high quality bungee style rope, with as the name states, loops. These loops provide you with controlled spaces for hanging up gear, clothes, and

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Portable Pontoon Boats by Classic Accessories

The lake is a 3 mile hike up in the mountains. You can just picture that little spot off to the side where the bass leap and play unreachable by foot and not roads to the area. They can not hide any longer because you

survival grenade kit

Survival Grenade Kit by Rocky S2V

Sorry men. The Survival Grenade Kit by Rocky S2V does not explode, implode, or detonate in any way, but it still can save your life. This small survival kit can be clipped onto your belt loop, your backpack, or stuffed into your glove box. Even

the napsack

Napsack, Simply Comfy

If you are looking for a way to stay warm at your home as you surf the channels, stay warm at a music festival or even just stay cozy during a camping trip, the Napsack ($130 USD) is for you. The Napsack has zippers at

stormproof matches

Stormproof Matches

Neither wind, nor rain, nor snow will keep our emergency-essential safety matches from their appointed task. These Stormproof Matches ($12) are ideal for camping, fishing, boating and home safety. Once ignited the stormproof match burns for 15 seconds giving you enough time to make sure

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Kammok Innovative Outdoor Gear

This is for all those times you went hiking up a mountain, in search of that breath taking view but had nowhere to relax and enjoy yourself comfortably. The new Kammok is not just your regular vacation hammok but an innovative and portable piece of