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Carbon Fiber Lounge Chair

How can a Carbon Fiber Lounge Chair be an object with historical importance? RevoZport created this beautiful carbon fiber lounge chair using a design from 70 years ago. This design was first crafted by Charles and Ray Earnes in the 1940’s and has become one

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Carbon Fiber Flask, Zombie Apocalypse Safe

If there was to ever be a zombie apocalypse that you happen to be in the middle of, sit back, and have a drink out of your Carbon Fiber Flask ($900 USD). Designed by Oakley working in conjunction with The Macallan, the flask is made from

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Carbon Fiber Apple Wireless Keyboard Conversion

Carbon Fiber is one of the best design statements around today.  It is tough, durable, stylish, and looks great.  Carbon Fiber Magic has taken the material and created a product which transforms your standard Apple wireless keyboard into an awesome looking keyboard with real personality.

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Coolest Gadgets: Carbon Fiber Apple Magic Mouse

Carbon Fiber has become highly popular due to strength, beauty, durability, and finger print resistance.  One of the coolest gadgets you can buy for your Apple today is the Carbon Fiber Apple Magic Mouse. A really unique factor of this cool new mouse is you