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Bonaverde Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Maker

Fresh ground coffee always tastes better, right? Would it taste even better if it was just freshly roasted to meet your taste? Imagine having coffee beans that have just finished roasting, the vibrant flavor and smell pouring off of them. You grind them while they

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iKettle Lets You iBrew that Coffee Now

You wake up in the morning dreading that long walk to the kitchen to start the coffee brewing. Then you remember. You have an iKettle. You roll over, pickup your iPhone, and in seconds that pot of coffee is brewing, getting ready for your arrival

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TopBrewer Your Coffee Maker of the Future

Your love of specialty coffees is only matched for your disdain for the wasted space on the counter top. Picture having a coffee maker that brews your perfect cup of latte, espresso, or cappuccino on demand, but the only visible element is a spout standing

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ROK Manual Espresso Maker

Automated is not always better and this is proven in the kitchen by the ROK Manual Espresso Maker. You can buy cheap electronic espresso makers for a few dollars but how good does the espresso really taste. The old traditions of making espresso started with

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Krups Viaggio Compact Coffee Maker

Do you tinker around in the morning brewing up a pot of coffee and then pouring it over to a Thermos at the last moment? Wouldn’t it be cool if the night before you could setup the coffee maker, set a timer, go to sleep,

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Bodum Coffee & Tea Lab

Bodum has a tendency to turn your typical  kitchen and home appliances into trendy and modern works of art. I currently own their basic coffee & tea maker and I couldn’t be any happier. Unlike the one I recently purchased, this new Coffee & Tea