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Prison Ramen

The American prison population is constantly expanding and with expansion comes creative ways to prepare foods in your cell. In the Prison Ramen book featuring a forward from Samuel L. Jackson, you will learn 65 ways to prepare Ramen noodles in a jail cell. Featuring

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Baking Bad: The Breaking Bad Cookbook

Are you hungry for more Breaking Bad? The television show may have gone off the air, but the fans of the fantastic show are ravenous for more. Baking Bad: The Breaking Bad Cookbook cannot bring the show back to TV, but it can help satisfy

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The Snacking Dead by D.B. Walker

Life does not come to an end when the Zombie Apocalypse strikes. There will be those of us who survive. The ones like you and I who have prepared with our Zombie proof trucks, survival kits, and careful planning. Did you prepare to enjoy life

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India Cookbook by Pushpesh Pant

Be aware! Your pallet is about to get wowed. You may have a few favorite Indian dishes that you enjoy today, maybe a chicken curry with rice, or some other delightful concoction. Indian food is flavorful, but did you have any clue it was so