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Date Adjust Cufflinks

Cufflinks usually serve a single purpose, to keep your sleeves closed. Ok, we admit they serve the purpose of trying to grab attention and making you look great, too. The Date Adjust Cufflinks from FACA add one more purpose, telling you what day it is,

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Watch Cufflinks

  Have you ever sat around staring at the inner workings of a watch in amazement? The bronze and stainless steel gears and springs working in unison creating an amazing mechanical beauty. Now you can take that amazing look and put it on the sleeves

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Lego Star Wars Storm Trooper Cufflinks

Star Wars buffs need to have all the coolest items to complete their wardrobe and this might be the perfect finishing touch.  The Lego Star Wars Storm Trooper Cufflinks are one of the best gifts for men who cannot get enough Star Wars in their

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Pineapple Grenade Cufflinks

Getting ready to head out on an explosive date?  Maybe you are meeting up with the guys for a night of serious beer drinking and telling tall tales.  It is time to toughen up your style with a set of these Pineapple Grenade  Cuff-Links from

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Pimp up your fancy getup with the latest in cool men’s gear – The iCufflinks. Steve Jobs has nothing on these sophisticated, modern and gorgeously machined aluminum cufflinks. The neat thing about this gadget/accessory is that they have a subtle pulsating LED that flashes as