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Iron Vault Desk

Tough and rugged does not even begin to describe the Iron Vault Desk from Restoration Hardware. The Iron Vault desk was inspired by the rugged metal safes found in jewelry stores, pawn shops, and factory offices during the 20th century. Restoration Hardware combined the feel

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Artifox Has Created the Most Practical Desk Ever

We are all for practically in the office. Space is pretty scarce at times and having the proper office furniture can make an incredible difference in productivity. This incredibly designed desk by Artifox has not only a built in charging dock, but includes a whiteboard, hooks for

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Automated Sit to Stand Desk

Sitting at a desk for 8 hours plus each day not only takes a toll on our minds, but an equally tough toll on our bodies. Just by rotating between sitting and standing can make a dramatic difference in  your productivity and after work energy

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Analog Memory Desk

We have become slaves to electronics. We store our thoughts on computers, cellphones, tablet PC’s, and other electronic devices. We forgot the beauty of recording our thoughts on paper and keeping a historic record of our ramblings, scribbles, and thoughts. The Analog Memory Desk from

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Airfoil Aluminum Desk by RamonaMetal

The Airfoil Aluminum Desk by RamonaMetal is one of the most interesting desks you will ever see. It is built just like an airfoil off an airplane that has tumbled to the ground and twisted and bent into the shape of a desk. You can