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Parrot Bebop Drone Brings Flying Photography Under $500

Drones are catching the worlds attention, but for most of us the prices have still been too high to consider. Parrot’s new Bebop Drone, a quadrocopter, brings the price down to reasonable levels for even casual hobbyists. Parrot Bebop is a lightweight drone with a

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DJI Inspire 1 Drone

Drone technology is advancing rapidly. DJI produced one of the most popular drones on the market with their Phantom 2 Vision, but their R&D did not stagnate, it accelerated. DJI is preparing to launch their newest drone, the Inspire 1, on December 1, with a

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Nixie – Wearable Drone Camera

Drones paired with GoPro cameras have become the rage among adventurists, but what about the rest of us? This years grand prize winner in Intel’s Make It Wearable contest is solving that problem. Nixie is a tiny quad-copter with a built in camera that you

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HEXO+ Is An Autonomous Drone That Follows You From Above

Does your Christmas wishlist include a drone? We see all of the incredible videos coming from adventurers mounting their GoPro cameras on drones and are ready to jump into the fun. HEXO+ may have just jumped to top of your drone wishlist. HEXO+ is a

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Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter

A few weeks back I got into RC choppers and after a few unsuccessful attempts at flying, I finally mastered it! Ready for a new challenge, the AR.Drone Quadricopter ($500 USD) is the perfect go to flying gadget. Combining modelling  video gaming and augmented reality, the AR.Drone