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Revols Custom-Fit Wireless Earphones

We are proud of local Montrealers who have single-handedly revolutionized the way we wear earphones forever. No longer are those days that you put annoying earbuds that fall out of your ears when doing your favorite sports or hitting the gym. Revols Bluetooth earphones are

RHA-T10i earbuds

RHA T10i Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone

Is is time to toss away your current headset or headphones and upgrade to something unique and amazing. The RHA T10i creates a new listening experience that you can customize to match your listening preferences or genre of music. The difference starts with their stainless

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These Cordless Earbuds Will Change Your Life

Our prayers have finally been answered with our latest discovery of the cordless earbuds called Earin. A project created by former Sony Ericsson and Nokia engineers are the smallest, cordless earbuds on the market. The ultimate solution when working out, going on a run or

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Nine Millimeter Earphones

Today we make one of our strangest announcements to date. We want you to take a pair of 9 mm slugs and stick them in your ears. You are going to love the sound they make. Obviously we are not talking about real ammunition, we

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a-JAYS Five Headphones

Available for iOS, Android, and Windows phones, Sweden’s JAYS has got you all covered with their headphones. With design in mind, the headphones have a low-profile design wrapped in aluminum and  flexible thermoplastic rubber with tangle-free cording. They also come equipped with fully featured remotes, MEMS technology

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Ultimate Ears – In Ear Monitor with Serious Style

The Ultimate Ears UE18 Pro pack a combination of serious sound quality and style into a tiny package.  Usually when you buy a high quality in ear monitor you sacrifice style.  The high quality sound always seems to be attached to boring style.  The Ultimate

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EOps Noisezero i + Eco Edition Earphones

Behold the world’s first pair of cornstarch ear-buds! The EOps Noisezero i+ Eco edition uses revolutionary eco-friendly cornstarch bio-plastics for the ear-buds as well as the microphone housing. This eco friendly paid of ear buds is designed by Michael Young from the UK as well

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New JVC HA-FXT90 Earbuds Have Dual Driver Units

If you are a music fanatic and just want the clearest most crisp sound, good earphones are definitely at the top of your list of priorities. These new JVC HA-FXT90 earbuds must have a unique performance since they are made up of a new twin