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Aero Sphere Fan

Can you imagine a simple electric fan winning the Red Dot Design Award for the Best of the Best in Japanese Design? It sounds ridiculous until you take a look at the Aero Sphere Fan. Instead of an unsightly beast swaying back and forth, the

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Vornado Super Fan

Which do you think is the better name for this air churning machine? Should it be called the Vornado Whole Room Circulator, or the Vornado Super Fan? Vornado is famous for their unique shaped fans that push focused air. The Vornado 630B whole room circulator,

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Bed Fan, Where Have You Been All My Life!

Even though it may be snowing outside, we still find the need to write about this incredible fan that we came across today. The Bed Fan with Wireless Remote ($100 USD) is not your typical bed fan that may be blowing cold air in your