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Between Two Ferns With President Obama, Amazing!

As huge fans of Between Two Ferns we felt the dire need to feature this episode featuring President Barack Obama. In Zack Galifianakis fashion, he questions the President and interestingly enough the President is an awesome sport! Via Funny or Die

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Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

Glow in the dark what?  Did you say Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper?  That is exactly what the people at Thu have produced.  Imagine walking through your darkened home seeing an eerie green glow emanating from the bathroom. You step into the bathroom to discover

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Emergency Underpants Dispenser

Have you ever had one of those close calls on the highway and thought you might need a fresh pair of underwear? Archie McPhee knows exactly how you felt and has the perfect remedy, the Emergency Underpants Dispenser.  This is one of the most bizarre