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Evolution of Riot Gear

While glancing over the New York Times, a very interesting article caught our attention – Riot Gear’s Evolution (Dec. 3). It can be pointed out that the behavior of riot police may have not changed too much over the years, but a noticeable  change in

liquid image scuba series hd 720p

Liquid Image Scuba HD 720P

Do you enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling?  It can be a major hassle to try to carry a waterproof camera through the water with you to document your fun.  Enter the Luquid Image Scuba HD720P. The Liquid Image is a combination of a scuba mask and

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Kammok Innovative Outdoor Gear

This is for all those times you went hiking up a mountain, in search of that breath taking view but had nowhere to relax and enjoy yourself comfortably. The new Kammok is not just your regular vacation hammok but an innovative and portable piece of