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Ding Dong Breaching Tool Is Epic

The folks at Gerber have taken the sledgehammer and battering ram into a whole new level with their latest Ding Dong Breaching Tool. This epic multi-tool hammer uses machined and durable cross-hatching construction. The Ding Dong Breaching Tool is equipped with a fiberglass handle, molded

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Gerber Money Clip with Hidden Knife

Gerber’s GDC Money Clip keeps your money safe in two ways. The nitride coated steel body looks great and is strong. It can hold up to five credit cards and a stack of cash making sure it stays together ready for you to grab. The

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Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

Gerber is getting serious with their efforts to provide you with tools that can save your life. First it was the Gerber Tactical Pen, the Gerber Machete, the Gerber Camping Axe, but none of them are quite as intimidating and useful as the Gerber Downrange

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Gerber GDC Tools

Relax men! Gerber does not always mean baby food, sometimes it means something really tough, strong, and awesome. Gerber GDC Tools may not be cute like a Gerber Baby, but they are going to grab the attention of your friends when you whip them out

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Camp Axe II by Gerber

The ultimate survival go-to company, Gerber is back with their latest Camp Axe II ($52 USD). Among their single handed axes, the Camp Axe II has the longest handle. This additional length offers a ton more force per swing increasing the overall damage of the

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Gerber’s The Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse Kit

If you are anything like us, you watched last night’s episode of HBO’s The Walking Dead and noticed one of Gerber‘s handy pieces in action. If the world is ever overruled by zombies, would you be equipped with enough gear to protect your family and

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Gerber Gator Machete Pro

Here is something you are sure to see on a episode of The Walking Dead. The Gerber Gator Machete Pro, has no actual purpose in my opinion except for maybe some sort of apocalypse. The multi-purpose blade can be used as an axe, sword, machete,