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Dope Studded Hat by Stampd

Ever wonder where Lil Wayne gets his cool hats? Following him and the urban hiphop scene I notice a lot of trendy and fashionable pieces that these artists where. Recently, I came across this studded hat that Weezy was wearing and found just where he

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Pimp up your fancy getup with the latest in cool men’s gear – The iCufflinks. Steve Jobs has nothing on these sophisticated, modern and gorgeously machined aluminum cufflinks. The neat thing about this gadget/accessory is that they have a subtle pulsating LED that flashes as

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Super Mario Bros. Converse Chuck Taylor Hi

Converse and Nintendo come together for the second time, this time they have collaborated Super Mario Bro Chuck Taylors!  Super Mario is one of the most iconic games ever made, and Converse is one of the most versatile pair of shoes in the industry. It would only

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Exuvius Titan Multi Tool Collar Stays

Products like these just blow my mind. I could have never thought of turning something so useless into something so useful. The Exuvius Collar Stay is not your regular collar hard plastic piece to keep your collar upright. This clever gadget provides four more features