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Laboratory Shot Glasses

Bubbling concoctions, steaming brews, and magical potions all require the fine touch of chemistry, magic, and the proper tools. What better way to brew up your next delectable cocktail than in a set of Laboratory Shot Glasses. You can serve your latest victim a wicked

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Dual Beer Glasses

How many times have you wanted two different beers to tantalize your tongue? A dark caramel beer sipped beside a light ale makes a fantastic combination that enhance each other perfectly, but who wants to sit around with two glasses of beer? The Dual Beer

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Polluted Drinking Glasses

What kind of toxic beverages do you like to swill down when you feel dead from work? Do you collapse into a heap of bones drinking some Agent Orange, a PainKiller, or a little Grog from some unknown depths? Maybe you are a little farther

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Optimist Pessimist Glasses

When you pour that snifter half full of brandy, is it half full, or half empty? These glasses bring up that old classic question, are you an optimist who sees the glass as half full, or a pessimist who sees it as half empty. The

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Good Grief Glasses

Had a long day? I know I have. Why not just sit back and unwind and have a glass of your favorite booz. You can now measure your level of denial with the latest Good Grief Glasses by Set Editions. As you pour, watch yourself