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Harry Winston Project Z6 Blue Edition

Gong! The bell of innovation has been run once again in the halls of Harry Winston Watches. The Project Z6 Blue Edition is the latest addition to the Z6 family. The watches aqua blue color and grey case make an elegant appearing watch. The zalium

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Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon Jumping Hour Watch

Most of the time we focus on the watch, but for once, we would like to focus on inspiration. Watchmakers often tells us their inspiration, but rarely do they show us. Harry Winston release images through their Pinterest pages showing us the images that inspired

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Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 4 Watch

It is time for you to sit back and stare in awe. The Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 4 watch is incredible to see. The multi-domed crystals are one of the first things that will catch your eyes. The 4 individual dials for time capture

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Harry Winston Opus 12 Watch

How would you feel about spending thousands of dollars on watch that cannot tell you the time to the precise minute? The Harry Winston Opus 12 Watch is incredibly accurate but as part of its intriguing design feature it only displays time to the nearest

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Harry Winston Opus XIII Watch

Finally they have gone and done it. A premium watch manufacturer has proven the point that expensive watches were never meant to tell time. The Harry Winston Opus XIII is expected to sell for over $250,000 with people ready to snatch all 130 units up

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Harry Winston Opus Eleven

Watch making is a true art and the attention to detail is just mind blowing. At first glance, the Harry Winston Opus Eleven watch definitely looks intimidating. All the intricacies and movements will first throw you off but as you figure out where to look