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Slide to Unlock Doormat

It is time to play games with your friends minds.  This great doormat tries to convince everyone you have a special locking system for your home which is activated by sliding on the doormat.  Or are they just trying to convince visitors you will not

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Magnetic Switch Plate by Jake Frey

Another solution for you key losing fellows. As seen a few months back with the SwitchHook, the Magnetic Light Switch Plate by Jake Frey allows you to easily leave your keys hanging, while your at home taking it easy. A powerful magnet keeps your keys

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Waterproof Pool Table

What would be one of the best gifts for men who have everything?  Why not a waterproof pool table to add to their swimming pool? These waterproof pool tables are not an item you are going to find in either your local swimming pool supply

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The Always Cool Pillow

Don’t you hate it when your pillow gets hot?  During heat waves, or even a normal warm day, your pillow can quickly become an oven for your head.  The Always Cool Pillow is designed to keep your head cool even on the hottest days. The

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The Devil’s Pet Kitten Candle

Obviously guys are not the best candidate to give a cute cuddly pink kitten candle to.  When this candle is not an ordinary candle but is the Devil’s own pet kitten everything changes.  This candle could definitely qualify as one of the most bizarre and

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Latest Gadget: Switch Plug Making Electrical Plugs Safer

Do you jump a little when you plug or unplug an electrical cord seeing the blue flash and crackling snap of an electrical spark?  Those little sparks are causing by working with a live electrical cord.  The Switch Plug from Jiang GonGlue is an interesting