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Hidden Speakers

The HiddenRadio & Bluetooth Speaker is based off minimal, timeless design and user intuition. When off, the Hidden Speaker ($120) hides all its functions. To turn on simple twist and lift the cap; the more you lift, the higher the volume goes – essentially the speakers

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MiniSkull Speakers

Here is what happens when you combine a skull and speakers – Miniskull Speakers (€1500 – €1750). These 50 Watt speakers are designed by Kuntzel+Deygas. The speakers are in a wooden housing available in walnut, white or back skulls. The interior hold two broadband Fostex Fe-83 speakers with a

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Meridian Audio DSP 3200

Meridian Audio is well known for their high quality sounds systems.  The Meridian Audio DSP 3200 speaker system is their new compact speaker system which provides big stereo sound.  When paired with the Meridian Audio Core 200 you get a very powerful but compact stereo