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Stealth Faucet by Graff

Stealth bombers, stealth fighters, stealth cars, and stealth boats all capture our imagination. You would love to have a piece of stealth technology to adorn your house, but what can you find that is cool, functional, and affordable. The Stealth Faucet by Graff fulfills all

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WHA Cabinet by Tembolat Gugkaev

What?  Huh?  No, it is the WHA Cabinet, not the WHAT Cabinet.  This amazing bent question mark shaped book shelf.  Adding this cabinet to your home is sure to have your guests standing in awe asking WHAT IS THAT? The cabinet is built sturdily and

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The Inception Door – An Entry to Paradox

How tall and wide are you?  What size door do you need?  The Inception Door appears to have the right size door for anyone from a tiny toddler to the biggest adult.  This wild creation comes straight from the mind of the world renowned architect

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Hoesch Water Chaise Lounge

Sometimes things look a little too odd, and then as you look more closely the light bulb goes off in your head and you simply want it. The Hoesch Water Chaise Lounge is this type of product. At first glance you will wonder why anyone might

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Greg Ball Subsonic – Teenager Subwoofer Chair

Do you want to feel the thunder rumble in the seat of your pants?  Do you want games to boom and explode around you while you are engrossed in play.  Way back in 1995 Greg Ball designed his original subwoofer chair for a DesignBoom contest.

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Dream Book Shelf

You see thought bubbles all of the time in comics in the newspaper and occasionally on television, but how often have you seen one in your own home? The Dream Book Shelf takes your collection of books, magazines, and even a few pictures and displays

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Waterproof Pool Table

What would be one of the best gifts for men who have everything?  Why not a waterproof pool table to add to their swimming pool? These waterproof pool tables are not an item you are going to find in either your local swimming pool supply

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The Always Cool Pillow

Don’t you hate it when your pillow gets hot?  During heat waves, or even a normal warm day, your pillow can quickly become an oven for your head.  The Always Cool Pillow is designed to keep your head cool even on the hottest days. The

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Contrasting Coban Buffet

Do you like the beauty and lines of a modern wooden buffet?  Do you enjoy the rough, industrial appearance of rough wood and iron? Imagine the interest and intrigue of combining both styles and materials to make a truly unusual statement in your home. From

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The Devil’s Pet Kitten Candle

Obviously guys are not the best candidate to give a cute cuddly pink kitten candle to.  When this candle is not an ordinary candle but is the Devil’s own pet kitten everything changes.  This candle could definitely qualify as one of the most bizarre and