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Contrasting Coban Buffet

Do you like the beauty and lines of a modern wooden buffet?  Do you enjoy the rough, industrial appearance of rough wood and iron? Imagine the interest and intrigue of combining both styles and materials to make a truly unusual statement in your home. From

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The Sofist – A Sophisticated and Minimal Sofa

What would you get if you took some steel rods, a few cushions, and a board?  Most of us would probably end up with a big twisted mess on our hands.  If you are Sule Koc you make a magical sofa which manages to be

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An Amazing Disaster Bookshelf by Victor Barish

Sometimes a designer manages to catch your eyes with something totally unexpected.  We all know bookshelves are square, precise, and level. Not in the mind of Victor Barish.  Victor took the common bookshelf and a vision of disaster and created magic. The Disaster Bookshelf started