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The Glass House Addition by AR Design Studio

AR Design Studio was challenged with an addition project that was both exciting and a touch intimidating. The owners live in a large brick home, but wanted to make a stunning change with their new addition. They wanted it open to the world with sunlight

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Hiyoshi House by EANA

EANA stands for “Enjoy and Architecture” but it appears someone forgot to tell the architects at EANA that design means using crazy angles, wild ideas, and multi-level sections everywhere. Maybe they are just smarter than those other architects and realized that sometimes the simplest, boldest,

house in muko fujiwaramuro

House in Muko by FujiwaraMuro Architects

Incredible! You are driving down the road in Kyoto and in the distance you see something that looks like an overgrown picket fence. The tall white louvers of the house tower into the air catching your attention immediately. The louvers run along a curved edge of the