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Cold Hard Cash Ice Trays

Are you in need of some cold hard cash? Then stroll over to your refrigerator, pop open the freezer, and get a few cold hard Benjamins out and drop them in your glass. Oh, you did not want transparent cold hard cash? Then we suggest

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Gentleman Ice Tray

It is time to party like a gentleman. Grab your bowler or top hot, put on your glasses, and do not forget your bow tie. Oh heck, why don’t you toss on a fake mustache to go along with it. Ok, maybe you do not

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Gin and Titonic Ice Trays

Pull out your copy of the Titanic, grab a bottle of fine Gin and some high-quality tonic and prepare for an adventure. The Gin & Titonic Ice Trays are the perfect accompaniment to a weekend of enjoying the Titanic love story again. These ice trays

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Polar Bear in Your Freezer Ice Tray

Don’t jump when you open your freezer door and are confronted with a polar bear. The Polar Bear Ice Tray from Black and Blum will quickly become one of your favorite refrigerator accessories. The Polar Bear ice tray is not designed this way to be cute,

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AK Ice Cube Tray, Is So Badass!

As the saying goes “Revenge is a dish best served cold“, and the AK Ice Cube Tray ($8 USD) is just the thing to prove it.  This ice cube tray has two halves, that when closed, looks like the magazine you would use to reload