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HoverBar Adjustable Arms for iPad

For those of you who are like us and love to multitask with your Ipad, the HoverBar Adjustable Arms ($80 USD) is for you. The HoverBar hangs cleanly besides your Mac, letting you use your iPad as a secondary device. The flexible HoverBar which makes

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Just Mobile UpStand for iPad

Just when you thought you had the best upstand for your apple iPad, the good people at Just Mobile UpStand have created the high-style desktop stand for iPad. Precision engineered from aluminum, the UpStand’s supporting grips are finished in rubber to securely hold and keep

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Marni iPad Leather Case

Simple, stylish, solid, and strong.  Those are just a few of the words you can use to describe the Marni Leather iPad Case.  Protection for your iPad starts with the power of leather. Leather is strong enough to keep scratches and minor bumps from damaging

Turn Your iPad into a Laptop by Crux

Turn Your iPad into a Laptop

Ever had an issue typing on your iPad? I know I have. There are a ton of solutions and I find that the best one would be to purchase a keyboard upgrade for your iPad. I spend a lot of time comparing and deciding wether