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Bowden and Sheffield Minimalist iPad Case by Finegrain

This is another example of a Kickstarter project that we didn’t even know we needed until we saw it. The Bowden and Sheffield Minimalist iPhone Case by Finegrain is simple, functional, and fabulous. What makes this pair of cases so incredible is the simplicity. The

miniot wood ipad case

Miniot Wood iPad Cover

What is beautiful natural wood, rolls, bends, and is a perfect match for your Apple iPad? The Miniot Wood iPad Cover may have you staring in amazement when you first see one. The beautiful wood grain looks tremendous covering the screen of your iPad. It provides a

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Incase Leather Portfolio

Incase never cesses to amaze us. They are able to make the most simple things aesthetically pleasing to look at and use. If you are looking to protect your iPad and bring your work home with you in a stylish and clean looking case, may

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Waterwear iPad Case

Where do you take your iPad?  Have you ever wanted to take it to the swimming pool but were worried about water damage?  What about taking your iPad into the kitchen beside the sink while you are cooking?  Maybe you would like to have it

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The Trooper Limited Edition iPad 2 Case

Just when you thought you were finished with Star Wars ClamCase ($149 USD) has to come out with one more reason to join the Star Wars fanatics.  The Trooper clamshell case is one of the coolest gadgets released for the iPad2 to date. The case

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Bamboo Blackbox iPad and MacBook Case

It is time for your latest gadgets from Apple to get a serious upgrade in protection.  You can buy a case made from plastic, fabric, leather, or pleather, but none of them are quite as interesting and unusual as the Bamboo Blackbox iPad and MacBook

iPad Case The Satchel

iPad Case The Satchel by Fabrix Cases

Your Macbook Air or iPad deserves the finest in comfort and protection and Fabrix Cases is on a mission to provide it. The Satchel is created out of 100% grey wool felt making it soft, weather resistant, and strong all at the same time. The wool

ipad case stand rock leather cover

iPad Case Stand Cover – Rock Leather Cover

Sometimes a company will get really innovative in a very simple way which just blows you away.  Rock has come out with one of the best accessories for iPad 1 or 2 owners around.  The Rock Leather Cover, Case, and Stand does it all. It