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Apple iPad Mini

Apple fought the idea of smaller tablets since the release of the original iPad. They finally acquiesced to the massive demands from Apple owners that a smaller tablet was exactly what they wanted. As we have come to expect, when Apple decides to innovate into

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iPad Air

We were starting to wonder if Apple was slipping in their technology leadership as Samsung and other Android tablet makers launched tablet after tablet with new innovative features. We now know Apple was not sitting back and waiting. The Apple iPad Air is the hottest

Turn Your iPad into a Laptop by Crux

Turn Your iPad into a Laptop

Ever had an issue typing on your iPad? I know I have. There are a ton of solutions and I find that the best one would be to purchase a keyboard upgrade for your iPad. I spend a lot of time comparing and deciding wether

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Juice Book for iPad

For those of you who are constantly on the go and need an iPad case along with a power source, the new iPad Juice Book will be your new best friend! The Juice book is made out of genuine leather, lined with ultra suede, which