iphone 4 addon

iBooKam – Transforming Your iPhone Into a Powerful Camera

August 10, 2011 stuff

The iBooKam is a very exciting device.  If you are a photography lover this may be the best iPhone 4 accessories for you. The iBooKam is a iPhone 4 case with a wild twist.  It is created out of bamboo which has been hand sanded and finished with a oil and wax blend to keep it […]

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iPhone 4 Clock Dock Project

August 7, 2011 gadgets

Necessity is always said to be the mother of invention, but this time is was more forgetfulness and annoyance which led to the creation of the C/Dock iPhone 4 Clock Dock.  The inventor, James Aloysius of Portland Orgeon, liked using his iPhone 4 for his alarm clock but was constantly forgetting the charger in the […]

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Photograph the Moon with Astroclip iPhone 4 Accessory

July 22, 2011 gadgets

With the recent final launch of the Space Shuttle program, everyone is all about space and gazing into the stars. On that note, Kickstarter is featuring a project that can use all of our support if your in love with your iPhone 4 and want that extra modification to gaze into the heavens. The Astroclip […]

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