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piolo iphone 4 stand

Piolo iPhone Stand

When you want to relax and watch a movie on your iPhone or iPod the last thing you want to worry about is holding your Apple in your hands for the next two hours. Too many stands are large and not easy to carry around

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Faucet iPhone 4 and iPad Stand

Imagine all the odd looks you will get from people as they walk past your desk seeing a faucet with a puddle of running water hovering in midair above your desk.  Then watch their eyes as you pull out your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone

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iTimber Solid Wood iPhone 4 Case and Stand

I love the fusion between wood and technology, it seems that this would only happen as an accessory but nonetheless, looks amazing. The iTimber iPhone 4 case is magnificently built out of one piece of solid rosewood or maple and does an excellent job protecting

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iPhone 4 Stand Base by Marc Delmatto

Marc Delmatto has created a functional and impressive looking base for holding your iPhone.  Delmatto is known for his insistence in using plexiglass in virtually all of his designs and this iPhone 4 base exhibits his passion. It is created almost completely of plexiglass.