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Cordli Case

We have featured many iPhone 5 cases, but this may be the first case that has a mission that goes beyond looking good or protecting your iPhone. Cordli is a combination protective cover and wire management system of your iPhone 5. How often have you

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Golden iPhone 5 Casing

Do you feel like your iPhone is worth its wait in gold for all the services and enjoyment it provides? Maybe it is time to make it look like it worth its weight in gold. This great looking metallic iPhone 5 case is real electroplated

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3D Printed Skull iPhone 5 Case

To think that only a few years ago your computer printer could only print in black and white. Now, with the latest 3D printing technology that is making headlines everywhere, artist Hugo Arcier, inspired by his Degeneration series, has created an incredibly grungy looking iPhone

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Hard Graft Sport iPhone 5 Case

Hard Graft has updated their line of iPhone 5 cases with their new Sport addition. The Sport takes its lead from their highly popular Skinny series. This new case uses soft tanned leather for the outside to make sure the case can stand up to

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Apple iPhone 5 Seashell Waterproof Case

Are you taking your iPhone 5 to the beach? Were you thinking about doing a little snorkeling? What about taking your iPhone to the pool? Are you going to take it into the water? With the Apple iPhone 5 Seashell Waterproof Case you can take

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Barely There Ultra Thin iPhone Bumper

You can find all kinds of iPhone protectors on the market but most of them have one similar trait. They change the appearance of your iPhone into something foreign. The AL13 iPhone bumper KickStarter project takes this a new direction. They designed this bumper to

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Ninja Ghost iPhone Flashlight Clip

There is something eerily spooky on your nightstand tonight. It’s small, glows, and has a ghostly appearance. Don’t worry it is just your new Ninja Ghost iPhone Flashlight. This totally impractical product is something that is a necessity for parents. The tiny ghost clips onto

ultra thin series iphone5 case aviiq

Ultra Thin Series iPhone 5 Case from AViiQ

Was one of the reasons you bought an iPhone 5 was because of the slim sleek design? Too many of the iPhone cases take this slender phone and turn it into a thick clunker. The Ultra Thin Series iPhone 5 cases from AViiQ are very

iphone 5 composite case urban armor gear

Iphone 5 Composite Case by Urban Armor Gear

For those of you with the new iPhone 5 and like to live dangerously, or are just simply scared to shatter your screen, Urban Armor Gear has put together an incredibly crafted iPhone 5 case. Inspired by a sense of adventure, Urban Armor Gear (USD