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trygger clip iphone5 polarizing filter

Trygger Camera Clip for Your iPhone 5

Once a Kickstarter project, the Trygger Camera Clip ($50 USD) is an easy to use filter that is adaptable to your iPhone 5. The filter corrects lighting challenges such as reflection, glare and hazy skies. The Trygger allows you to capture more vibrant colors and

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Colorware Iphone 5

As I impatiently wait for my iPhone 5 to arrive, the folks at Coloware decided to transform that basic matte black or white phone into a rainbow of new color combinations. The Colorware iPhone 5 ($1,700) allows you to use an online tool, to choose a custom

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iPhone 5 by Cicarresedesign

Ciccaresedesign has release images of their concept for an iPhone 5. This cool looking concept gives us ideas of how Apple could move forward in design. The thin design including a a curved back would fit great in the hand making it even more comfortable to