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iphone boom mic belkin

iPhone Boom Mic by Belkin

The iPhone has a great built-in microphone, but even with its quality there are times you could use something a little better. The advantage of the iPhone Boom Mic by Belkin is directional ability. The standard mic in an iPhone is omni-directional attempting to pick

piolo iphone 4 stand

Piolo iPhone Stand

When you want to relax and watch a movie on your iPhone or iPod the last thing you want to worry about is holding your Apple in your hands for the next two hours. Too many stands are large and not easy to carry around

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TK-421 iPhone Case with Flip-Out Keyboard

It’s official, R.I.P. to your Blackberries with the latest iPhone 4 addon – the TK-421 iPhone Case with a built it flip-out keyboard. I think the only thing keeping us on our Blackberries, for those who are left with them, is the full QWERTY keyboard.

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Faucet iPhone 4 and iPad Stand

Imagine all the odd looks you will get from people as they walk past your desk seeing a faucet with a puddle of running water hovering in midair above your desk.  Then watch their eyes as you pull out your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone

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Japanese Food iPhone Cases

These Japanese Food iPhone cases are either the best iPhone 4 case in existence, or one of the most bizarre.  You will want to be very careful where you lay your iPhone once you have it outfitted in one of these tasty looking cases from

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Kickstand Snap Case for the iPhone

Two things are always consistent for your iPhone.  You need a way to protect it and you need a way to stand it up to get your hands free. The Kickstand Snap Case from InCase is one cool solution to taking care of both problems.

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Opena iPhone 4 Case Bottle Opener

Yet another iPhone 4 Case bottle opener but what hey, it’s practical! The Opena case, which doubles for a bottle opener is seemingly better quality than your typical iPhone 4 case. A cool difference is its sliding feature that reveals that nice Apple logo on the back

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Withings Blood Pressure Monitor for Apple iPhone

The Withings blood pressure monitor for your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch makes taking your blood pressure and keeping records a breeze.  Most electronic blood pressure cuffs can give you a quick read out of your systolic, diastolic, and heart rate, but they do