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AppSeed Turns Your Sketches into App Prototypes

You are sitting around the pub with your tech buddies talking about ideas to make an Android or iPhone app. You sketch out ideas on napkins, tablets, and make notes. What is your next step? If you have AppSeed, you just scan in the sketches

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Street Tag App for your iPhone

Deliciously naughty without illegality is the perfect way to describe the Street Tag for iPhone app.  As you walk down the street and see that beautiful expanse of pristine wall just begging to be tagged with a can of spray paint pull out your iPhone

barHappy app

barHappy iPhone App

Are you going back to the same old bar tonight?  Ready to liven up your life and find hot bars filled with games, activity, and the crowd you are really interested in?  Then it is time to grab the barHappy iPhone App. This cool app takes