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PocketPlug iPhone Charging Case by Prong

Do you hate carrying around a charger or charging cable for your iPhone? Smart phones of all types consume their batteries at amazing rates and leave us looking for an easy way to keep them charged. Prong created the original PocketPlug case for iPhones and

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Hard Drive iPhone Case

Your iPhone 4 or 4S may already be high-tech, but how about making it look geek-perfect? The Hard Drive iPhone case is exactly what it sounds like. The plastic snap on case wraps a protective cover around your phone and makes it look like an

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Woodgrain Camouflage iPhone Case by MSTRPLN

It is time to make your iPhone ready for long hikes in the wilderness, or for a day out hunting. The woodgrain camouflage iPhone cases from MstrPln have a very fun and different look. They combine the beauty of a woodgrain surface with a camouflage

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Air Yeezy 2 iPhone Case

The Air Yeezy 2 are one of the most iconic high-tops of last year. Inspired by the Kanye West shoe design, Quincy Design Co ($35 USD) decided to make an iPhone case inspired by these awesome kicks. Available for both the iPhone 4 and recently released iPhone

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iPhone Leather Case by Hard Graft

You have probably seen other leather cases for the iPhone before, so what makes this one special enough to be featured on our blog? The Hard Graft iPhone Leather Case uses premium hides which must be very carefully selected, since each case is created from one

stowaway iphone wallet case

Incipio Stowaway iPhone Wallet Case

The Incipio Stowaway iPhone Wallet Case is an awesome way to help you eliminate pocket overload. This cleverly designed case uses a silicon sleeve wrapped around your iPhone to cushion it from falls and protect it from damage. You insert the wrapped phone into the hard

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Intoxicase Bottle Opener iPhone Case

Finally we found something there is not an iPhone App for. You cannot open your imported bottle of beer with an app, but you can open it with the Intoxicase Bottle Opener ($45) iPhone case. The Intoxicase is a hardened iPhone case which gives your iPhone all

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Sharkeye Rugged Iphone Case

Most iPhone cases do a great job protecting the body of the phone but what happens when the screen is exposed? This iPhone case has to be the toughest that I have seen. Sharkeye created a casing that actually slides over the display screen of

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IBottle Opener

“That’s The Bottle Talking” This is for all you dedicated iPhone users who go out to bars and barbecues and who are left stranded with an unopened bottle of beer. You now never have to worry about opening a bottle of beer on the side