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Sony Smart Shot Clip-on Cameras for Android and iPhone

Does your Droid have a wimpy 5 megapixel camera? How would you feel if you could upgrade that camera to the equivalent of the Sony Xperia, or a high-end Sony digital camera? Picture snapping photos at 18 megapixel with a zoom capable lens using your

iPhone 4 accessories Dot for iPhone

The Dot Give 360 Degree Hands-Free Photos on Your iPhone

Dot is a really cool add-on for your iPhone.  It gives you the ability to capture 360 degree panoramic videos and photographs completely hands-free.  You can even set your iPhone down and allow the Dot to continue recording while you enjoy dinner or the party. 

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Juice Book for iPad

For those of you who are constantly on the go and need an iPad case along with a power source, the new iPad Juice Book will be your new best friend! The Juice book is made out of genuine leather, lined with ultra suede, which

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Japan Solidarity Iphone Case

One of the most tragic events of the year took place in Japan. Although the initial shock has passed, the displaced victims of the Japan earthquake still need our help and support. To continue with the relief InCase came out with a limited time Japan

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Slide To Unlock Car Magnet

I think it’s fair to say that the Iphone has taken over the world, our lives and the lives of our loved ones. I am sure you all, like me, panic when you forgot your phone at home. To come back to what I wanted