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Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack Whiskey

Are you starting to ponder what type of intriguing beverage to sip at tail gate, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas parties? Jack Daniel’s has just released a seasonal liquer designed for sipping during those brisk fall and winter days. The liquor is created with a blend

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Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Chocolate Bar

You come home from work feeling a ¬†little stressed. You try to decide whether you want to soothe the stress with a bit of chocolate, or to knock it out with a shot of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey. Why not do both in one bite? The

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Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select

Word on the street, Frank Sinatra was a known Jack Daniel’s drinker. In honor of Sinatra, Jack Daniel’s has created a custom bottle for being such a loyal fan of the brand. With the price still to be determined, the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select arrives

jack daniels birthday edition whiskey

Jack Daniel’s 2011 Birthday Edition Whiskey

The highly popular Tennessee Whiskey has just turned 161 and in celebration of this joyous event, launched a limited and special edition birthday bottle. With only 200,000 units available, this bottle of Jack will be worth a pretty penny in no time!