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emoji keyboard

Emoji Keyboard

This just in! For all of you who can’t get enough of those very popular emojis, a Texas-based company have created an emoji keyboard that allows you to have all the fun in the world. You no longer have to hunt for emojis on your

the seaboard

The Seaboard

For those of you who are looking to learn how to play a new musical instrument and are huge fans of both acoustic and digital music, the Seaboard ($TBD) is the latest instrument you should get your hands on. The Seaboard evolved from the piano

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Cool Leaf Touchscreen Keyboard by Minebea

Like something out of the Museum of Modern Arts this latest keyboard design by Minebea looks amazing. The Cool Leaf Touchscreen Keyboard ($250 USD) features a full English 108 key layout, with each key being individually backlit to provide a brilliant looking effect. An adjustable beep

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Washable Keyboard by Logitech

Have you ever knocked over the can of soda, coffee cup, or dribbled water into your keyboard? Your next step is to pray it doesn’t destroy your keyboard or to head straight to the store to replace it. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could

yamaha keyboard notebook

Yamaha Keyboard Notebook

How could you increase the creativity of a musical child or a budding song writer?  Why not combine a keyboard and leather bound notebook to unleash their creativity?  This is exactly what one design concept from Yamaha proposes. The question the design really leaves you wondering