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El Jefe, The Boss of Keychains

We thought our recent find of the ResQMe keychain was the ultimate, but now comes the El Jefe. This keychain has only one mission in life and that is to do it all. This tough little hombre has a bottle opener, knife sharpener, belt loop

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Glow Fob Keychain, Helps You Spot Your Keys in the Dark

Finding your keys in the dark gets pretty tricky. The TEC-A3 Glow Fob ($18USD) is a unique glow in the dark keychain that is filled with a special glow powder and resin mixture allowing you to spot your keys even in the darkest room. The

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Key Caddy, The Right Way To Carry Your Keys

If you are looking for a great way to eliminate key clutter, key bulkiness, and the annoying key jingling, the Key Caddy ($50 USD) offers a great solution for you. The Key Caddy is a sleek looking way of carrying your keys, in a switch

keyport slide keychain

Keyport Slide Keychain

How many things do you have clattering around on your keychain? You probably have your car or house key, maybe a small flashlight, or a USB flash drive. They clink, clank, and knock around in your pocket and manage to always get tangled together when you are

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Behold the PocketToolX Brewzer ($12), the only keychain bottle opener you will ever need. Not only is this keychain made from high-grade, heat treated stainless steel, but also boasts 5 unique features and fits perfectly on your keychain. You can use it as a bottle

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Industrial Tool Bottle Opener

As men we are quite limited to the type of accessories we can carry, therefore we need the essentials. Wether it be a pocket knife or a money clip we can all admit that nothing compares to the daily usefulness of a bottle opener. The