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Polar Bear in Your Freezer Ice Tray

Don’t jump when you open your freezer door and are confronted with a polar bear. The Polar Bear Ice Tray from Black and Blum will quickly become one of your favorite refrigerator accessories. The Polar Bear ice tray is not designed this way to be cute,

Pick fruit basket

Pick Fruit Basket by Kare Frandsen

Have you noticed how much faster fruit rots laying in a basket?  This is one of the reasons banana trees have become so popular in kitchens.  The Pick Fruit Basket is an interesting solution to the problem of storing fruit. Kare Frandsen created the Pick

Suck UK Pick Ur Pine by Studio Mango

Suck UK Pick Ur Pine by Studio Mango

At my house, my toothpicks are stored in an ugly plastic cylinder, so anything really beats that. Here is a clever little design that can spice up even the most basic thing in the world, the toothpick holder! The porcupine toothpick holder is not just