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Lacie Fuel

How many devices do you have in your home that could use extra storage, or can play videos? The average home has laptops, tablets, smart phones, and smart TV’s that would all benefit from extra storage for movies, music, and more, but how can you

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LaCie Sphere

Most external hard drives look like a junkie plastic box sitting on your desk. Some are sleeker than others, but none of them are as cool as the new LaCie Sphere. Hidden inside the silver ball is a 1 Terabyte hard drive giving you plenty

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Porsche Design USB Key by LaCie

When you hear Porsche Design you mind immediately jumps to all the cool gear created with visions of riding in a Porsche. Clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories that scream quality, style, speed, performance. Visions of Porsche cars bring up thoughts of speeds, handling, and even

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LaCie CloudBox

Backing up your work is just that important and in this day and age its all about cloud products this and cloud products that. Keeping up with trends, the latest innovation from LaCie is called the CloudBox ($120-$180 USD). With an extremely plug-and-play installation of

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LaCie PetiteKey

If you need your data on-the-go, LaCie has done at an incredible job at shrinking and making a practical USB stick thats an actual key-shape. The PetiteKey ($15-$40 USD) comes in 8, 16, or 32GBs of storage and has scratch-resistant connectors that are waterproof down

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LaCie Porsche Design P9000 Hard Drives

Maybe you don’t have a Porsche in the driveway, but you can put Porsche styling and speed on your PC with the LaCie Porsche Design P9000 hard drives. ¬†While a Porsche has no storage to speak of these LaCie hard drives are packed with space