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Piano LED Light by QIS Design

QIS Design wants you to play with light, not just be entertained by it. The Piano LED Table Lamp is playable light. The white LED lit strips look like piano keys and even work like them. Instead of hearing the music play as your run

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Mr. Diamond LED Table Lamp

Have you avoided buying an LED table light because you felt the lighting was a little unnatural or did not set the right mood for work or relaxation? The award winning Mr. Diamond LED lamp uses a combination of warm and cool LED lamps so

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Kaji Lamp by Peter Yong Ra

Kaji Lamp by Peter Yong Ra of Minneapolis is a refreshing blend of minimalism and nature. The word Kaji stands for branch in Korean and is the inspiration for this simple lamp that doubles as minimalist sculpture for your home or office. The pieces is

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Liquid Lamp by Kouichi Okamoto

Honey, the kids have been playing with the buckets of paint again. We have red point oozing down the walls. Oh, never mind, you just picked up a set of the awesome Kouichi Okamoto Liquid Lamps. The Liquid Lamp looks just like someone took a

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Wrecking Ball Lamp by Andrew Mitchell

The Wrecking Ball Lamp by Andrew Mitchell has so many features we love. It starts off with the material he chose to make the wrecking ball. The wood is reclaimed from retired railway sleeper cars. The next feature we like is the use of a

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Clothes Hanger Lamp

What is your style of the day? Do you want to have a Van Heusen lamp today? Tomorrow might be a little more laid back and an Old Navy lamp would feel better. Are the guys coming over for poker night? Then it should be

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Empty Bottle USB-Powered Touch Lamp

What is your favorite soft drink? What is your favorite bottle of beer? Do you have a favorite bottle is liquor or wine? What if you could turn all of those into cool looking lamps to decorate your computer desk or other areas of your

large knot pendant lamp

Large Knot Pendant Lamp

One of the easiest way to brighten up the look of any room is to have a great looking light fixture. With the constant influx of new products that flood the market, the Large Knot Pendant Lamp ($275 USD) truly stands out with its unique

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Mushroom Lamp | The Fight Against World Destruction

Every once in a while someone comes up with a unique and collectible way of getting their message across. The Mushroom Lamp (TBA) is designed to appear like a nuclear mushroom cloud exploding in your darkened room. The makers of the lamp designed the lamp with